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Installing PL/Unit
Installing PL/Unit

Installing PL/Unit

     PL/Unit is a lightweight unit testing package.  There are no new database tables, views, or other objects required to use PL/Unit.  The only object installed on the database is the actual PLUNIT package itself.  It is self configuring, so once installed, it is maintenance free.  PL/Unit requires Oracle 8i or greater in order to compile correctly.

     Currently, the PL/Unit package is distributed wrapped; however, in the near future, the source will be openly available for download, along with the unit tests for the package.

     To install PL/Unit:

Download the zip file
Unzip the contents to a directory
Log into SQL*Plus as a user that can create packages, public synonyms, and grant execute to public.
Run the install_plunit.sql from SQL*Plus

     Some of the PL/Unit routines require access to data dictionary objects.  Each database user that uses PL/Unit must have the following privileges.  Without these privileges, PL/Unit may not operate correctly: