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PL/Unit - Test Driven Development for Oracle
PL/Unit - Test Driven Development for Oracle

What is Test Driven Development?

     Test Driven Development (TDD) is a software engineering methodology that states that all code should have a set of clear, repeatable unit tests written for it.  Furthermore, it states that these tests should be written before the corresponding code is written, thus driving the development of the code base.  The ultimate goal of TDD is to produce code that meets the exact need expressed by the test, and providing for a safety net in the event that the code base needs to be modified later.  TDD is one aspect of a much larger development methodology known as Agile Development.

What is PL/Unit?

     PL/Unit is a unit testing framework that provides the functionality to create unit tests for PL/SQL code.  PL/Unit is expressed as a single package that is compiled into the database and made available for use by PL/SQL unit tests.

Database Versions That Support PL/Unit

     PL/Unit can run on Oracle 8i or higher.

Getting Started

     Start off by dowloading and installing the PLUNIT package, then try out the tutorial.